2011 Barn Edition - October 6, 2011



Vicky and I had a great time this evening! Thanks for the wonderful opportunity to share in the beauty of your farm along with the amazing local culinary delights. Please let us know when you set a date for the Spring 2012 Feast of the Fields.
— Maj. Aric Raus, US Military, Junction City, Kansas

What a superb feast you organized! Everything was well considered and perfectly executed, from being greeted by beautiful music and friendly servers, to the tastiness of the hors d’oeuvres and the warmth of hot spiced wine, to the placement of flowers in niches and hay bales to sit on. The fall-inspired menu was outstanding - definitely a celebration of the many culinary treats Kansas has to offer. Even the weather could not have been better.

I particularly enjoyed the contrast between the rustic architecture of the barn and the elegant simplicity of the long table with its white linens and rows of white chairs. The festive illumination celebrated the architecture of the barn as daylight faded and encouraged guests to linger over dessert and hot toddy. Very classy!

This delightful gathering was a pleasure for all the senses! We look forward to many more such events in years to come.

Much appreciation also goes to Scott and Rachel Benjamin. Thank you, your family and the many student helpers for all the hard work.
— Susanne Siepl-Coates, Manhattan, Kansas

We loved it!! Thank you for sharing your passion, family and life with us! I loved the people I met there, I cant wait until the next one! The only thing I would have liked is more music, they were awesome!
— Shelley Armato, Kansas City, Kansas

Thank you for the wonderful evening last night! My husband and I had a great time and are so glad to have gotten the chance to attend. The food was incredible and a great way to pay tribute to a 4th generation farm family in a truly unique setting with locally sourced ingredients. My family also farms and so it was especially touching to hear about the many memories tied to the barn. What a great way to celebrate your connection to the land by sharing it with others and letting them appreciate all it has to offer.

The food was amazing and perhaps the best part was having the chef talk through the menu and having a list of the locations where each ingredient was sourced locally. We are new to the area so we appreciated the extra tips for where to purchase some high quality ingredients. As I mentioned, the other favorite part of the evening was the setting and the weather. What a perfect fall evening for the menu. We enjoyed meeting several people from the area and will remember the evening fondly. The location was easy to find, parking was ample, good wine, great music, all around a great evening. I appreciated that part of the event was focused on teaching local students about event planning, hospitality and service and thought it was great that the culinary arts club made the dessert under Rachel’s expert guidance (it was fabulous).

We certainly look forward to the next Feast of the Fields experience...what a great way to celebrate local farmers, products and chefs!
— Valerie and Brad Olson, Manhattan, Kansas