2013 Cornfield Edition - June 8, 2013


The Feast of the Fields - 2013 Cornfield Edition event was held on Saturday, June 8, 2013.  Although the weather prevented us from setting up in our cornfield, we were able to move everything into our limestone barn and it served as an excellent and beautiful back-up venue.  The rain began to fall just as dessert was being enjoyed. 




This event really showcased the unique blend of city and country life that I (a Mexico City native and Houston transplant) have come to love in Manhattan: We ate inside a barn, in an actual farm, but the food was just as good (I personally would say better!) as what would be served at a first rate restaurant in the city. The ambiance was the perfect blend of rustic and sophisticated. Even the guests were a great mix of urban and rural (definitely had some great conversations and made a few new friends). Overall, a lovely event that I would definitely want to attend again.
— Carla

Congratulations on a terrific event! We really enjoyed it. The food was extraordinary. The setting in the barn was unique and fun. The service was terrific. We had great conversations with the new friends we made as we shared a mutual appreciation for fine food and drinks and the incredible farm-to-table process that we too often take for granted. One of my personal highlights was sitting in the historic barn with a fine glass of wine while enjoying the sights, sounds, and smells of a spring thunderstorm. I am so grateful that I was able to attend. Thanks so much!
— Tony Parker

Thank you both for another spectacular evening!!! It was magical!!! The food was so incredible. We all so enjoyed ourselves. Already looking forward to the fall.
— Mimi Balderson

Todd and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. The food was delicious and we both ate leg of lamb for the first time. And of course we enjoyed meeting new people, and seeing familiar faces as well. We look forward to the next feast!
— Alice Peterson

It was fantastic! As I told you last evening, it is wonderful that you do this adventure. We had a most enjoyable time….
— John Pence

We had a wonderful time and thought the rain that arrived at the end of dinner was beautiful. It reminded us of our childhood when we watched the rain from the barns at home.
— Liz

Hi Mary. You are probably exhausted but I wanted you to know what a wonderful time we had tonight. Everything was absolutely perfect. John had a great time too. Chef Baker’s food was superb.
— Barbara

How wonderful to have a Kansas thunderstorm/rain shower during the feast— I understand it was the first feast to have rain!
The food was extraordinary: delicious and adventuresome. We always find the company pleasing. Expect us back for the fall feast. Thank you for the many hours it takes to host such a fabulous dinner party.
— Kate


Some acknowledgments need to be made to those that helped to create a most memorable evening-

First, Chef Ken Baker - Thank you for a brilliant meal! Spot on all the way! It was an honor to work with you. Kansas FFA officers - You were the best and we were lucky to have you helping us!

Prairie Fire Winery - Love your Chambourcin. Your reception wines and the Vignoles paired with dessert rocked!

Steve and Susan Maxwell - the Celtic music you provided by way of flute and guitar set a classy yet festive ambiance!

Tony Bien - melon carver extraordinaire - how fun to see our logo in a watermelon... Amazing craft! 

And lastly, but most importantly, we appreciate our 2013 Feast guests - your combined enthusiasm, adventurous spirits, and camaraderie is why we continue to do this farm to table experience and we especially thank YOU for supporting our event


Feast of the Fields is fortunate to work with some very special people and groups.  Our event is a collaboration of efforts and we very much appreciate this.  We are not a profit making venture.  Any proceeds that we raise above expenses ar...e donated to culinary and/or ag related programs.  This year, we are happy to provide a donation of funds to the Kansas FFA Leadership Program.  These students are remarkable people and we have confidence in them to be a positive influence in our state, country, and world!  The current and immediate past Kansas FFA Officers volunteered their service at our June 8th Feast and they were fantastic and enthusiastic!  We hope they will consider coming back to the Feast in the Fall.