2012 Barn Edition - September 29, 2012



Bob and Mary, good morning! We still have an afterglow from the spectacular evening! Honestly, I do not know what you could do to improve it, we so enjoyed it! I have already given my friends the heads up... Looking forward to the next feast!
— Chuck and Mimi, Manhattan, Kansas

Thank you for the wonderful memories! I had a wonderful time and it was a perfect evening!
— Erica Watson, Overland, Kansas

Thank you for an amazing and unforgettable dinner!
— Annie Shultz, Wamego, Kansas

What a wonderful event to attend last night Feast of the Fields hosted by the Mertz family and catered by Della Voce. A beautiful evening to dine in their limestone barn and to meet NEW friends. THANKS one and all.
— Peg Jansson, Manhattan, Kansas

Loved the event and looking forward to attending in 2013. The venue was fantastic, as was the company and the weather.... Look forward to 2013 – thanks again.
— Rob, Kansas City, Missouri

What a wonderful evening we had at your feast— beautiful food, marvelous company, delightful weather, and a gorgeous harvest moon. Know that we’ll be coming back— hopefully w/ more friends. Thank you for all your work— we had a blast.
— Kate, Manhattan, Kansas

It was absolutely a great time! We saw some old friends, met some new ones, and had a WONDERFUL meal in beautiful surroundings! It was the first time we attended, and I’m sure we’ll try to go again!
— Robin Edmunds, Manhattan, Kansas