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Today, 95% of farms in America are family operations.  Across our nation, farmers are producing the finest quality and most abundant foods in the world.  Many people, however, do not truly understand  agriculture and its significance in their lives.  There is a story to be told and what better way to do it than right at the source and with locally grown items for dinner.  Using meats, produce, and wines from the Flint Hills region of Kansas, FEAST OF THE FIELDS highlights farm fresh foods in a natural setting.  Hosted by River Creek Farms, a fourth generation family grain and livestock operation, the event offers cuisine prepared by an accomplished chef to be served in the middle of a growing cornfield.  FEAST OF THE FIELDS promises great food, fantastic camaraderie, wonderful wine, and nature at its ripest.  It is our goal to provide participants with an authentic culinary adventure that leaves them feeling positive about Kansas farms and foods.

Any proceeds from Feast of the Fields will be reinvested into educational agritourism programs, as well as assisting local culinary students.

About River Creek Farms


River Creek Farms is a diversified family operation owned and operated by the Mertz families. Our Kansas farm history began in the late 1800s with Sherman Mertz, who fed cattle and sheep in Wabaunsee County. His son, Harold A. Mertz, started his own operation three miles west on the land that remains as headquarters for the farm. Today, the business is continuing with third generation Harold D. and Jeanne Mertz, and fourth generation Joe and Kim Mertz and Bob and Mary Mertz as operating partners. The main farmstead is located approximately nine miles east of Manhattan along K18, in the Kaw Valley River bottom. Our main crops are corn and soybeans with a little alfalfa on over 3600 acres of leased and owned cropland. We graze our cowherd during the summer in the Flint Hills pastures south of the farm and on cornstalks in the valley during the fall and winter months.

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